Origin Story
Born To Make A Difference
Congnovus is the brainchild of a award-winning designers, who have more than 20 years of experience across global design and advertising agencies. They felt that brand designs were increasingly getting statics and cliched despite the world where we live in is becoming more & more dynamic and changing at a very rapid pace.

Thus was born Cognovus, from a deep desire to utilise the power of design, strategy, technology and innovation to make a meaningful difference for business and brands in this modern, ever-evolving world.
To deliver best-in-class unified design, branding and strategy solutions for
every business and brand problem.
Grow Brands Through The Power Of Design
To grow brands and businesses by establishing contemporary and relevant
connections with the ever changing world through the craft of design.
Company Values
• We are obsessed with design and craft in everything we do.

• We are both students and masters of branding and advertising.

• We are as responsible for your business and brand as we are for ours.

• We are very collaborative and work in close partnership with our clients.

• We deeply believe our success lies in clients success and work satisfaction.